Giant Dancing Plushies

May the rhythm be with you!

Giant Dancing Plushies is a gamified rhythm based music player visualizer
It puts you in control of some experimental plushies that are breaking free. Just go out with your plushies, destroy that Evil Corp Organization drones and rescue some more innocent Giant Dancing Plushies!

The full game will include (or maybe not):

  • Lots of plushies!, something in-between one to billions (maybe more!)
  • Lots of exclusive dance movements that your plush can learn.
  • Make your plushies unique with customization options
  • Make your plushies more powerful every time: laser beams from the eyes? check; rocked throwing arms? maybe… any idea?
  • Unlock songs from world known artist! (or just mines… let’s see where this ends)
  • Play and dance over your own songs library!
  • Dance all over unlockable scenarios, make every place a charming discotheque!
  • Endless procedural levels! The music never ends!
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